How To Start A Lawn Business From Scratch

How To Start A Lawn Business

It may seem daunting when we first imagine running our own business. You know you want to get control of your life and achieve something. You may have always wanted to have your own company and a lawn business seems like a good business to be in. Where do you start and will it be a big gamble to take for the future of your family? It doesn’t have to be and if you want to know how to start a lawn business read on to see how you can start a lawn business.

A Lawn Care Business Is Easy To Start Up

The lawn-care business is different to many other businesses in several ways. You are an independent contractor so you can choose the days and hours you work. It doesn’t need to have a retail store or even an industrial unit, you can work from home and use your garage to store your equipment. You do not need to invest in a lot of grass cutting equipment to start out.

A Real World Example Of Starting A Lawn Business

Let me give you an example of how someone started up a lawn business. A friend of mine began thinking about the fact that a lot of people need to employ someone to cut their grass. He wasn’t thinking so much about private homes and gardens. He was thinking about businesses that have premises of all types that have a grassed area around them and they must employ someone to cut the grass.

Having realized this he decided to test the idea out with a small ad in a local newspaper offering a grass cutting service. Sure enough he got a response to his small ad and met and agreed a contract with this customer.

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that he didn’t even have a professional lawnmower at this stage. He already had a full time job and he wasn’t looking to build a full time business but he thought this could be a way of earning some extra cash to help his family.

So, having got a contract for grass cutting he went through the small ads in the paper and found a secondhand, used lawnmower that seemed suitable and went and bought the lawn mower so he could then go and do the grass cutting contract. He started to do this regular grass cutting contract in the evenings or at weekends and it wasn’t long before he began to pick up a few other jobs from recommendations¬† from his first client.

How Big A Business Do You Want?

Before too long he had to make a decision about how big he wanted this lawn business to get and he chose to keep it as a part time business but he could easily have developed it further and become a totally self employed business person.

He decided a full time business wasn’t what he wanted but this example shows what is possible and remember, when he started out he didn’t even have a lawnmower. So, if you have the ability and the enthusiasm to work for yourself this example lawn business shows one way it could be done.


Start Out Small And See How Things Work Out

Start out small, doing lawn care as an extra job and if it develops you can choose to expand it and make a full time business out of it or you can choose to just keep the business small and work evenings or weekends. If you are concerned about losing the benefits of being employed this way shows how you can dip a toe in the water to find out if you are cut out for running your own business.